Charles Boyd

Software Engineer

Passion for building user-centric software and interfaces for mobile devices, web applications, and hardware controls. Experience in video production and graphic design brings a creative approach to software development, resulting in amazing products.


Charles Boyd

My passion for software began in elementary school after experimenting with a drag-and-drop programming tool; I was immediately intrigued. Throughout middle and high school I continued to hone my software development skills and expand my knowledge through a variety of challenging projects, both collaborative and individual.

As a student engineer and intern at several leading software and engineering companies, I have learned, observed, applied, and designed production software and taken lead roles in their development. As an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in software engineering at Mississippi State University, I continue to expand my abilities through coursework and projects outside the classroom.

I believe in user-centered software. Crafting an effective user interface (UI) can enhance or even define the overall user experience of an application, and thus ultimately determines the product's perceived value. UI development poses unique and evolving challenges because UI design lies in the intersection of technology, art, and psychology. I work to overcome these challenges by implementing modern design patterns, considering dynamic screen dimensions, engaging in user experience research, and performing a suite of usability tests to improve the experience of even a simple UI by shifting the project's focus to its end-users.

I also believe in a systematic and quantifiable approach to the software lifecycle. I enjoy learning and applying techniques and approaches that can lead to the highest quality software, such as unit testing and continuous integration.

I regularly seek ways to make an impact in my community, locally and globally, by applying my existing skills and learning new ones. In uniting software with design experience, I have been able to take imaginative approaches to several exciting and diverse projects. Please reach out if I can assist with a new project or if you have feedback on my work.


The tiles below represent a select few published projects.

HSGD Indicators | Web Content
Fish Rank | Web Service
JA4SA | Video + Branding
MC Schools | Mobile App
LCT 2014 | Live TV
Andy & Anna Laurin | Video
WE Lead | Website + Branding
Power Score | Web Service
WAYDH? | Video
Power Text | Web Service


Resume + Professional Work

I have had the privilege of working on key software projects at several great companies. For a complete description of my experiences, both personally and professionally, please request a resume by emailing the address below or visit my LinkedIn.

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HSGD Indicators | Dynamic Web Content
Hail State Giving Days Indicators (mock placement 2)

In 2017, 1,319 donors from 42 states made contributions of over $653k within 48 hours during Mississippi State University’s annual online philanthropy event, Hail State Giving Days. The website used live, visual donation trackers to engage potential donors by building excitement during the 48 hours and to recognize in a fun way anyone who contributed.

To display the live totals, this service pulled, parsed, and aggregated data from two distinct donation systems used for the event. The server-side code pulled data every two minutes, then processed and saved the data in a format that allowed the cowbell (a school symbol), state map, college leaderboard, and paw-print word cloud to be rendered on-demand using cached data. The four indicators were embedded on the main event page and optimized to display properly on smartphones. The backend was written in PHP, with JavaScript and web-based charting libraries driving the visual elements and animations. In addition, an administrative dashboard was created for the event’s organizers to monitor the system and make adjustments as needed.

Fish Rank | Web Service
Fish Rank Home Screen

Fish Rank Login Screen

Fish Rank is a social website for fishers to track their own catches and compare them "to other fishers' catches." Along with ranking the catches according to size, weight, and popularity, the service also features fishers' profiles and a page for each fish’s picture with options for up/down voting and commenting. The website was built as a collaborative school project.

The website is fully responsive for mobile users and uses jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL.

Andy & Anna Laurin | Video

This video is an example of a wedding highlight reel composed of clips from the day set to music. The montage is designed to tell the story of the wedding day by capturing memories and the surrounding sights.

Andy and Anna Laurin’s wedding was captured at the picturesque First Presbyterian Church Chapel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The wedding featured a donut cake and a lavender petal departure.

Tools: Nikon D3300, Adobe Premiere Pro
Soundtrack: This Day On by Tim Halperin (Licensed)

JA4SA Campaign | Video + Branding

The JA4SA video is one of several multimedia products developed for a 2015-2016 Student Association President campaign at Mississippi State University. The video shows how the candidate was engaged on the university's campus, provides student endorsements, and conveys the campaign's platform and goals.

In addition to the promotional video, the campaign requested numerous branding and advertising materials using shared slogans, graphics, and colors. The campaign logo, social media avatars and banners, billboard images, and an eight-foot-tall poster were all created for the campaign.

Madison City Schools | Mobile App
Madison City Schools App Promotion

Madison City Schools App Architecture

The Madison City Schools iPad App provides quick and convenient access to eleven resources that students, parents, and teachers use every day. The app also enables students and teachers to download/upload files into their personal folders within the district's network, allowing work saved on school computers to be edited on iPad.

While the information in the app is presented to the user in a cohesive manner, integrating each of the eleven services accessible within the app presented unique challenges since they are all populated by separate and diverse sources. For several sections, custom backend services were developed to complement the iOS app itself. The app was released in 2013, featured across Alabama news, and was used by over 1,500 students, parents, and teachers.

Living Christmas Tree 2014 | Live TV

Produced and directed the 90-minute live television broadcast of Huntsville, Alabama's 2014, 2015, and 2016 Living Christmas Tree, which involved coordinating and combining shots from five high-definition cameras, the development of a dedicated graphics package, and patching over 50 microphones. The HD broadcast was streamed online and aired live on WHNT2, then re-aired on the North Alabama CBS affiliate WHNT on Christmas Day.

WE Lead Conference | Website + Branding
WE Lead Website Screenshot

The Mississippi State University WE Lead (Women Empowered Leadership) Conference website uses modern response-width styles to adapt the content to almost any screen size.

The design incorporates custom graphic materials including the logo, avatar, and social media banner created to specifically attract high school women. In addition, the site implements a streamlined online conference registration process, benefiting both students and organizers.

Power Score | Web Service
Power Score

Power Score was a web-based score update system designed for and used at the Alabama State LEGO Robotics Tournament.

As scores were collected, the system instantly sent each team's ranking to any registered team member as an SMS text message while graphically displaying all scores in real time on a central screen. The service used PHP scripts to receive the tournament's scores as they were calculated by judges and transmit update messages to the proper teams.

what are you doing here? | Video

The "what are you doing here?" video project is filmed around a poetic narrative delivered in a spoken word style on the challenges to a person's faith.

Tools: Canon XA10, Final Cut
Soundtrack: BREAKTHROUGH by Tony Anderson (Licensed)

Power Text | Web Service
Power Text

Power Text was a custom-built web-based SMS message system. Online users could send and receive text messages with phones on supported carriers or set up automatic actions based on the content of incoming messages or a sender's identity.

In addition to a general contact list, users could maintain various group-message lists, allowing the user to send a message to everyone subscribed at once. Power Text also featured a live mode, where users can text responses to the service, which presented each response live on a screen, displayed as either text or voting bar graphs.

The service was available from 2010 to 2011, and was used by several school groups to send messages to their members and by teachers to receive display live, aggregate responses to review questions set by students via text message.

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